Dragon Door Publications

Complete Review Of Dragon Door

Dragon Door is for those who are serious about “supreme fitness and well being”. Every product on their site is designed to help you achieve and hold on to the Highest Levels of Power, Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility. While you embrace a Life of vital Health and Supreme Well Being. They take fitness, training, diet and exercise to the extreme.

The secret weapon

Pavel Tsatsouline – He’s the guy that helped both the Soviet and the U.S. Special Ops to dominate physically! You get Immediate Access to this same powerful training secrets used to hone the toughest, hardest bodies in existance. Doesn’t make any difference, military, law enforcement or elite athletic programs they have all used Pavel’s secrets to become the best.

DragonDoor is the premier Health and Fitness resource on the web! They have the World’s Most Effective Methods for High Performance, Radiant Health and Peace of Mind.

What’s Different

The Russian Kettlebell…The workout tool of choice for Special Forces and Fighters. this extreme hand-held gym delivers an unparalleled mix of all-purpose strength and conditioning, melts fat without the dishonour of aerobics, and forges a classic physique.

Heart disease expert, author Al Sears, M.D.

Dr. Sears writes a weekly newletter – by the way their are5 different newletters you can subscribe to for free – giving you the latest breakthroughs in diet and health helping you conquor and maintain radiant health.

Word Of Caution!

These people are serious about fitness and fitness training. If your not serious about fitness or just trying to impress someone don’t look here. These people are serious and extreme.

Definitely Unusual

They offer a 100% money back guarantee, but no the usuall 30 to 60 days. They offer 100% money back guarantee for a full year…Thats 365 days to use, try and experiment.

Costs vary with the different products. Dragon Door is a vast library of fitness, strength, diet and wellness books, audio book and videos. All of these products are reasonably priced.

Dragon Door Publications At a Glance

The Good – Dragon Door has a good mix of strength, trainning, diet, exercise, workshops and nutrition.

The Bad – They take diet and exercise programs to a new level. They are extreme Diet and exercise!If your not serious about fittness training don’t look here.

Bottom Line – This site is total fitness, no excuse and pain for gain. Great site for those who want to conquer diet and exercise! Very affordable! Awesome free newsletters!