Anti Aging Foods

Anti aging foods fall into several categories. Some supply the building blocks for the body to build cells to replace those that die. Other anti aging foods offer the body the energy to fuel the tasks necessary for living. Still other anti aging foods stimulate the body to produce enzymes and chemical reactions necessary for it to function. When man first walked the earth, they scavenged for food. There were no processed meals or microwaves to zap a dinner in 2 minutes or less. In order for modern man to survive and live longer, he needs to look back at the food of early man.

All foods provide a certain amount of energy, but not all foods provide the appropriate building blocks necessary to maintain the body. When you consider the foods found in nature, you probably think of berries and nuts first. Scientists have proven that there are immense benefits from the consumption of fruits and vegetables that are deep purple, red or orange. Fruits and vegetables are all good sources of nutrients and phytonutrients. So, if we all ate like the cave man, would we all live to 150?

Things aren’t as simple as they were in the days when Fred Flintstone roamed the earth. There are more toxins in the atmosphere, more chemicals in the food and water and more stresses on the body than in any other period. While some of the new super foods promise to turn back the clock, they only fight the free radicals while they’re in the body. They don’t continue to work around the clock. The body depends on its own internal security system to protect its cells.

Free radicals connect to the outer shell of the cell and form a waxy build-up, eventually blocking the supply of food and finally damaging the DNA that contains the code to reproduce. Once cells no longer reproduce, you start to age. Even if you eat healthy, if your body doesn’t produce antioxidants to combat the free radicals, you’ll have cell damage. You can reduce the damage by eating well, supplying food that contains the building blocks and providing enough energy for the body to work efficiently, but you still need the body’s security system to protect it’s cells.

The perfect anti aging food is one that stimulates the body’s security system to create more of it’s own antioxidants to slow cell destruction and breakdown. Foods that act as a catalyst to this system are just as necessary as those that provide building blocks or give energy are.

Luckily, there are scientists that study the causes of aging and investigate the effect of food on the body’s ability to fight the ravages of oxidation. They’ve found that the necessary ingredients to a longer life have been around for centuries. Green tea and food supplements that stimulate the body into producing it’s own antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT); show great promise in the fight against disease and aging.

Anti aging foods are all around you. They are foods that come straight from the field. They’re colorful, fresh and definitely not fried. They are seeds, like whole grains or nuts. Water, an especially important part of maintaining the efficiency of the body, is also one of the anti-aging foods. When you want to find anti aging foods, think colorful, fresh and unprocessed.